You're not alone

The gap between success and failure
is not the value of your company's
products or services.

Instead, businesses rise or sink based on
their ability to communicate to their market.

You're an innovative leader of a growing company.
Set a strategy to grow your brand and energize your sales.


Sales and marketing solutions

Few phase II startups or companies reinvesting in new strategies for explosive growth have the marketing expertise necessary for long-term development. Cohesion’s team of specialists neatly fills the talent gap. Bret Anderson’s team at Cohesion enables sales and marketing solutions for companies planning new initiatives or undergoing transition.

Cohesion provides an extensive range of services to foster expansion. In addition to its proven sales and marketing approach, Cohesion provides expertise in branding, content creation, and operational development. Under Anderson, Cohesion’s team also initiates strategies for prospect scouting and data manipulation, enabling its clients to leapfrog the results of competing companies without enduring internal staffing challenges.


A team of specialists in all aspects of sales, marketing, development, and analysis is ready to meet your company’s challenges. All services are unique to each client. Typical offerings include:

    • Sales Solutions: List development; appointment setting (demonstration/representation); sales closing; sales management; conversion strategy; contract assessment (review)
    • Marketing Solutions: Persona development; content creation (email/blogs/web content/case studies/testimonials/press releases)
    • Leadership consulting: Marketing assessment; sales assessment; overall business review with P&L
    • Event planning: Associations; trade shows; executive training
    • Reporting: Measurement; baseline analysis; metrics review
    • Co-op services: Accounting; videography; photography; web design
    • Leadership training: Executive development sessions; onboarding

Cohesion Team

As an executive leader for nearly two decades, Bret Anderson pioneered expansion strategies for businesses in several industries. His methodologies cultivate corporate evolution and team development. Anderson founded Cohesion LLC to propagate his proven sales and marketing approach to a larger audience of growth-oriented companies. As a personal coach and Cohesion’s principal tactician, he jumps into the trenches with clients. Working side-by-side with them, he identifies gaps and applies direct remediation to sales, marketing, and business development. Cohesion focuses on sales service and fulfillment; marketing planning and execution; investor relations facilitation; and shareholder business strategy.

Bret Anderson
President and Founder

Ashley DiNardo
Business Development Specialist/Personal Concierge Travel Specialist

Ethan Turner
Business Development Specialist

Carrie Anderson
Administration and Accounting Manager

Scot Gillies
Content Specialist

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